"Let me sit in the Dáil and say to them... tell me what quality of life I've got and why I can't choose to die"

Kate Tobin, who suffers with MS, spoke to Jonathan Healy on Lunchtime today

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Kate Tobin from County Wexford has challenged Taoiseach Enda Kenny to spend a day with her and see exactly why she wants to be given the right to die.

Kate, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, is now wheelchair bound and losing her ability to speak.

During the interview, she told Jonathan Healy on Newstalk Lunchtime today about what it is like living with her illness day to day.

She told Jonathan that she wants to meet with Enda Kenny: "I'm on the invalidity pension and I'm supposed to pay my rent and everything on €193 a week.

"I can't even afford to go clothes shopping. I love to read books... I can't go in on a Thursday when I get my money and spend €20 on a book. It doesn't come into the budget."

Her fear is that she will spend her remaining years in effective poverty: "I was a qualified cancer nurse. I have more letters after my name than I care to imagine because I did cancer nursing and then I did hospice nursing."

Kate relies on the kindness of others to live. "I have a fantastic carer, John, who brought me to live with him.

"He cooks my meals, makes me tea... I have seven hours of carers a week. He does everything for me."

She continued on to discuss the issue of the right to die: "I'm not going to commit suicide or anything, I just want when the pain gets too bad and I end up on too much medical stuff for swallowing and a catheter because I'm incontinent and that, I want to be able to say, my quality of life is gone, I now want to die.

"Let me sit in the Dáil and say to them, take a look at me and tell me what quality of life I've got and why I can't choose to die when it gets too bad. But they won't even do that."

You can listen to her interview here: