"Young people wanted a very different future" - The Brexit 'generation gap'

The divide between younger and older voters has proven a major talking point today

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Image: Andrew Matthews / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The apparent 'generation gap' has proven one of the most heated talking points in the aftermath of the British referendum on EU membership.

The results of a number of polls have illustrated some very clear divides between different sections of British society - in terms of geography, class, education and more.

However, one of the divides that has provoked most debate today is the huge difference between younger and older voters.

A poll shared by Lord Ashcroft suggests that support for ‘Remain’ could have been as high as 73% between 18-24 year olds - compared to ‘Leave’ support at 60% for those aged 65 or older.

Those figures are similar to the stats posted by YouGov ahead of the vote.

The ‘generation gap’ has proven a source of frustration for many people unhappy with the results.

Others called up alleged ageism, and also highlighted that the results show exactly how any democracy works: