Woman tells court of alleged rape by two men on Jason Derulo tour bus

Mr Derulo has not been charged with any offence

Woman tells court of alleged rape by two men on Jason Derulo tour bus

File photo. Image: RollingNews.ie

A young woman who claims she was raped by two men on Jason Derulo’s tour bus is giving evidence at their trial before the Central Criminal Court.

She claims it happened after they left a VIP party at a nightclub in Cork which the American musician attended following a gig in the city in 2014.

Mr Derulo has not been charged with any offence.

The woman was 19 years of age when she was asked to attend the VIP party at the Savoy nightclub in Cork city after Jason Derulo had performed at Live at the Marquee on June 26th 2014.

She said there were about a hundred people there - including Mr Derulo, his crew and lots of girls.

She said she saw some crew members pouring Grey Goose vodka down the throats of some of the girls who were there. She said she also saw them soaking the girls in champagne.

She said one of the guys poured a little in her mouth but she didn't like it and refused to take any more.

She told the jury one of Jason Derulo’s bodyguards refused to allow her to take a photo with him.

She said she could see the musician standing on a couch behind him smoking a cigar.

Sometime later, she said she was invited onto the tour bus, which was parked just outside the club.

She said it started moving slowly and she said she was standing by the kitchen area when a man with a back-to-front cap on came over to her, put his head down on her shoulder, unzipped her jumpsuit and slipped his hand inside.

She said he stopped when her friend came over, but later refused to allow her get off the bus when it stopped moving.

As other girls, including her friends, got off, she said he blocked her with his arm and told her she wasn’t getting off. She claims he then threw her bag on the floor and told her she wasn’t to contact anyone.

Afterwards, she claims he brought her upstairs by the arm where he raped her on a small bunk bed.

She claims another larger man came over at one point and also raped her.

She said she was terrified and asked them to stop, but they didn't. She said she managed to make her escape after a third man came over and said he was “next.”

Both men deny charges of rape and false imprisonment.