Woman denies making flatmate's death look like a suicide

The woman told gardaí she was disgusted when she found her body

Woman denies making flatmate's death look like a suicide

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A court has heard a Latvian woman told gardaí a man forced her to make her housemate's death look like a suicide.

34-year-old Egita Juanmaize, of no fixed address, denies impeding the prosecution of a man by making a woman's death in Co Cavan look like a suicide.

This man has been described in court as a 'skinhead Neo Nazi.'

The body of Antra Ozolina was found at her home in Kilnaleck in Cavan in June 2014.

At first, it was thought the 49-year-old had taken her own life - but an autopsy showed evidence of blunt force trauma and neck compression.

Antra lived with the accused Egita Juanmaize, who initially told gardaí she had a row with her on the night in question and then found her body the following morning.

The court heard, in later interviews, Egita said she saw a man grab Antra by the throat that night and she heard Antra making what were described as dead person noises.

Egita said this man then forced her to place a rope around Antra's neck to make it look like a suicide.

Egita said she was afraid to ring the gardaí and feared she would also be killed by this man so he could avoid prison.

She described this man as a "skinhead neo-Nazi".

Earlier, the court heard Ms Juanmaize – who is also Latvian – gave three voluntary interviews to gardaí about the death.

A detective garda said Egita told him the two women had been drinking vodka and arguing on the night in question.

Egita said she told her to 'f** off,' went to bed and the next morning she said she found her body.

She said it was disgusting and she did not want to talk about it.

She gave another voluntary interview and soon after, the court heard, she was then no longer treated as a witness but as a suspect and was arrested for assault causing harm.

The court heard Egita did not know why she was being arrested and said 'I didn’t do it.'