Woman claims she sent child rape video as WhatsApp warning to friend

The woman claims she was trying to warn her friend against leaving her children alone with her boyfriend

A woman who used WhatsApp to forward a video clip of a child being raped will be sentenced later this month.

Jadesola Agbalade, formerly of Deerhaven Avenue, Clonee in Dublin, pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography.

On July 20th last year, a man was arrested at Dublin airport on suspicion of credit card fraud.

His phone was examined and a clip showing a young child being raped by a man was found in a WhatsApp message.

It had been sent by Jadesola Agbalade, who told Gardaí she also sent to a female friend in a bid to warn her not to leave her children alone with her boyfriend.

Her barrister Michael Bowman said she didn't realise the enormity of the situation and the court heard she told Gardaí she didn't know it wasn’t right.

Mr Bowman also said there was no suggestion she’d profited from it in any way nor was she involved in the generation of the material.

Ms Agbalade, a single mother who came to Ireland from Nigeria in 2001, was due to be sentenced today but the judge said she wanted more time to carefully consider her probation report.

The case is due to be finalised later this month.