With 'StereoTypical Trump', voters can hear the Republican candidate's gross contradictions

Created by a group of advertisers, the website offers a digital audio experience of Trump's own dissenting opinions

With 'StereoTypical Trump', voters can hear the Republican candidate's gross contradictions


Seeing as it’s the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November, you might have noticed that there’s an election going on across the pond, with the fate of who will be sitting in the Oval Office come January now in the hands of American voters. And just in time to sway any last-minute undecided members of the electorate comes a new digital-audio experience, designed to show just how often Republican candidate Donald Trump contradicts himself.

Created by a number of advertising creatives, StereoTypical Trump sees visitors to the website immediately hear two polarising statements made by the New York property mogul when commenting on the same issue. When the mouse cursor moves to the left, you hear one argument, but move it to the right and you hear another one, completely contradicting the previous point. If the cursor in left on the fence and dangling in between, both arguments play at once.

In total, the website includes more than 20 minutes of audio, scrubbed from the campaign and years leading up to it.

The creators said the purpose of the site is to seriously underline the vagaries of Trump’s political stance, highlighting what they believe are the candidate’s weaknesses.

“He is duelling with himself,” creative director Joe Palasek told The Boston Globe, “If he can talk from both sides of his mouth, then we can hear him from both sides of our head.”

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