Wicklow man may be sent to U.S. to face black market website charges

'Silk Road' allowed drug dealing and other illegal trading to take place

A Wicklow man will found out later this month if he’s going to be sent to the US to face charges over his alleged running of a black market website.

Gary Davis of Johnstown Court in Kiltipper could be jailed for life if he’s convicted.

Before it was shut down by the FBI three years ago, Silk Road was an online marketplace that allowed drug dealing and other illicit trades to take place.

It operated in the DARK NET – a part of the internet that’s difficult to access and allows users remain anonymous.

Gary Davis is accused of running Silk Road and is wanted for trial in the US on charges of conspiring to distribute narcotics, commit computer hacking and commit money laundering.

If convicted, the 27-year-old could be jailed for life.

He claims he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and depression and is fighting his extradition because he believes that if he’s sent to the US, he’ll be held in an inhuman manner at a New York facility that used to hold terror suspects and a leading member of the Mexican drug cartel.

This morning, Mr. Justice Paul McDermott said he will deliver his judgement on July 26th.