Why the next step in Irish style is going in circles

Grania Murray looked to the future on Bobby's Late Breakfast

Why the next step in Irish style is going in circles

A visitor walks at the entrance of the 'Corian Cabana Club' interior design and decorative art exhibition in Milan, Italy | Image: Luca Bruno/AP/Press Association Images

Grania Murray is an Irish interior designer living and working in Los Angeles.

She has worked with celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

Her past design projects include extensive work in France, Portugal and the Middle East.

Murray, who has offices in Dublin and California, has appeared on RTÉ's 'At Your Service' makeover show.

Some of Murray's work in San Diego | Image: graniamurray.com

She spoke to Bobby Kerr on Bobby's Late Breakfast about what is the next step in interior design.

"Thanks be to goodness the 'good rooms' are gone, and open plan living is easier.

"It's easier for a lot of reasons, particularly as one ages.

"I think people are going for open plan more, and I love it myself, is because of the light.

"You can bring light in from anywhere then - and that's hugely important cause that effects mood".

Some of Murray's work in Co Clare | Image: graniamurray.com

Murray says there is only one shape in interior design's future.

"We had a Dutch speaker...she predicts trends for 10, 20 years to come.

"I really loved the fact that she was talking about the trend for the future is actually circles.

"When she explained that she said in times of crisis that the world is in right now, in times of lack of democracy and fear and all of that, we've now become circular.

"That perhaps some of these things that really threaten us in terms of democracy and what's happening where I am right now in the States, and all over the world, is that people actually are interested now in community.

"And the circle is promoting all of that - and that's coming into design.

"And black is out as well".