What is the reality for Irish women in 2017?

Five prominent women offer their reflections on International Women's Day...

What is the reality for Irish women in 2017?

File photo. Image: Sam Boal /RollingNews.ie

What is the reality for women in modern Ireland?

Five prominent women spoke to Newstalk Breakfast to offer their reflections on this year's International Women's Day.

Sky Sports News Anchor Rachel Wyse

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"On International Women's Day, I think inspiration from the many successful Irish women who have shown the upcoming generation that you can succeed, and that there are opportunities in Ireland to achieve at the very highest level."

AGSI President Antoinette Cunningham

AGSI President Antoinette Cunningham. Photo: Sam Boal /Rollingnews.ie

"When I see more and more women stepping into positions of prominence and making a difference in their sectors, it's good to be a woman in Ireland.

"As the first female president of the AGSI, I understand the sea-change in culture that we have achieved. There are so many women in Ireland and across the world that have the ability, and just need the opportunity.

"Let's continue to champion for more change."

Labour TD and former Tánaiste Joan Burton

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"Today is the day... that we celebrate women in Ireland and around the world.

"We celebrate in particular here women in sport, women in the arts, women involved in politics, women in business, women working at home, and women just out there working.

"But it's also when we want to look back at some of the difficult times that women in Ireland have experienced. Remember maybe the mothers and babies in the homes, and particularly women who are not cherished by Irish society - and hope we learn better."

Former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

The 2014 Rose, Maria Walsh | Image: Rose of Tralee

"On International Women's Day, witnessing the increase of women in our political systems, driving activism globally, leading the way in start-ups and businesses, moving from kitchen tables to top tables, makes it a promising place to be a woman in Ireland.

"But we have a lot more work to do."

Former All-Ireland winning camogie star Anna Geary

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"On International Women's Day, both women and men should acknowledge just how far we've come in Ireland.

"Women are now at the forefront of culture, debate and societal change. Women are now leaders too - positively influencing others; pushing boundaries; challenging norms; and raising standards and expectations in our country and beyond.

"Women in Ireland are strong when facing adversary. We are using our collective voice to tackle injustice head on together.

"For me, women in sport, in business, in government, in the home and in the arts, are game-changers, mind-changers, and life-changers - and that makes me proud to be a woman in Ireland today."