"What is the EU" has become one of most searched phrases in the United Kingdom

The historic result of the EU referendum has left a lot of people confused

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Image: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The world woke up on June 24th to the surprising news that the Leave campaign had won, and a Brexit was indeed happening. 

With 51.9% of the vote, the Remain camp came out second in a close contest, but it seems that the discussion over the issues at stake in the vote have left some people confused as to exactly what the vote was about. 

There have been some strange events since the results were announced, with voters expressing their regret that they voted to leave as a result of the economic repercussions of the move, and it seems that Google have also been seeing an upturn in traffic as people begin to question their decision. 

According to their trends account, the top ranking searches are now all related to the EU, with the question "What is the EU?" ranking as the question with the second highest volume of searches, behind "What does it meant to leave the EU?". 

With plenty of fallout yet to come from the decision around the rest of Europe and unanswered questions for the future of the United Kingdom, people may be looking for more complex answers than Google can provide in the coming weeks and months.