"We're so thrilled" - Vera Twomey says daughter's medicine costs will be reimbursed

It comes almost six months after Ava was granted a licence for medical cannabis

"We're so thrilled" - Vera Twomey says daughter's medicine costs will be reimbursed

Vera Twomey speaking about her daughter Ava. Photo: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

Vera Twomey says officials have confirmed the costs for her daughter Ava's medicinal cannabis will be reimbursed.

It comes following a long campaign by the Cork mother.

Ava suffers from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, which can be treated with medicinal cannabis oil.

She was approved to use the treatment legally last December.

However, the medication bill is around €5,000 every three months and the family have to travel to the Netherlands to get it.

Earlier this week, Vera appealed to Health Minister Simon Harris for funding to help in covering the costs.

While a crowdfunding campaign has covered some of the costs so far, Vera last night took to Facebook to say they received the 'fantastic news' from the Department of Health and HSE that the medication will now be reimbursed.

She said they have waited a long time for this life changing news for Ava, thanking everybody who has helped their campaign.

'We can move forward'

Vera said that while they will still need to travel to Holland to pick up the medicine, the situation is finally 'sorted'.

She explained: "It's done, and we can move forward now.

"The medication is being reimbursed, and Ava's medication is being respected the same way that any other anti-epileptic medication is respected and covered."

She added: "Any of the people out there that need medical cannabis for their epilepsy, for their pain, for any other conditions... You can do it too, and you can get it too, and it can be done."

Dublin TD Gino Kenny said the news marks the 'final hurdle in a long battle'.