Venezuela's Supreme Court attacked with grenades from police helicopter

A man, believed to be the pilot, has posted several videos on Instagram

Venezuela's Supreme Court attacked with grenades from police helicopter

Image via @CaraotaDigital on Twitter

The Supreme Court in Venezuela has been attacked from a police helicopter.

Four grenades were fired at the building in what the country's president is describing a terrorist attack.

It is understood a police officer stole the helicopter before carrying out the assault.

Footage on social media shows a helicopter circling over the city before shots and a loud bang are heard.

According to Venezuelan daily El Nacional, the man who piloted the helicopter is a former captain in the CICPC - Venezuela’s intelligence and investigative body.

He has issued a statement to say the government is criminal.

In a number of posts on the social media site Instagram, the man said: "Venezuelans, dear brothers, we speak to you on behalf of the State.

"We are a coalition between military, police and civilian officials, in search of balance and against this transitional and criminal government.

"We are nationalists, patriots and institutionalists.

"This fight is not with the rest of the State's security forces... it is against tyranny, the death of young people who fight for their legitimate rights, who fight against hunger, against lack of healthcare, against fanaticism".

Speaking on state TV, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that special forces were after the "terrorists" behind the attack.

Mr Maduro has been facing months of opposition protests and some dissent from within government ranks.