Up to 32 killed in Tanzania bus crash

The bus was carrying students on their way to exams

Up to 32 killed in Tanzania bus crash

Image: Google Maps

According to Tanzanian Police, at least 32 people have been killed after a bus carrying students lost control and crashed.

Arusha Region Police Commander Charles Mkumbo said the bus was carrying the students from a primary school in Arusha who were travelling to another school. 

The final year pupils from the Lucky Vincent school, believed to be aged between 12 and 14, were on their way to take mock exams when the accident happened on Saturday morning. 

Police Commander Mkumbo said four other people were injured in the crash that occurred in Karatu.

Police say authorities are trying to recover the bodies trapped in the bus after it struck some trees.

Two teachers and the driver were also believed to have died when the vehicle plunged into a roadside ravine during rainy conditions in the east African country.

President John Magufuli said the accident was a "national tragedy" before adding that "This accident extinguishes the dreams of these children who were preparing to serve the nation, it is an immense pain for the families involved and for the whole nation."