Unlucky for some? Bargains for homebuyers at Door Number 13

Number 13 addresses are typically €4,335 cheaper than the average property

It may be unlucky for some – but for the less superstitious among us, buying homes at number 13 could throw up some serious savings.

New research from Daft.ie shows that door number 13 is typically €4,335 cheaper than the average property – which is currently €241,000.

According to the research nearly one-in-five of us would baulk at the prospect of living at number 13.

Not only that, property sales drop by as much as 10% on what is traditionally viewed as one of the unluckiest days of the year – Friday the 13th.

Fridays are generally the busiest day of the week for property sales.

The 13th day of the month has fallen on a Friday 13 times since the property register was launched.

Trinity economist Ronan Lyons – who authored the report – said the research highlights the quirks of human behaviour that can affect the market.

“We often think of housing markets as being simply about cold laws of supply and demand,” he said.

“But while these are the top-level forces at work, there are lots of quirks of human behaviour that affect any individual property or transaction.

“What's interesting about this research is that our superstitions appear to affect not only prices - with properties numbered 13 cheaper than the average - but also quantities, with fewer transactions on a Friday the 13th than on other Fridays.”

The price difference was calculated based on a regression analysis of almost one million Irish properties listed on Daft.ie since January 2006.