US authorities taking legal action against Volkswagen due to recent emissions scandal

The car company have admitted that they have put aside billions to deal with the fallout

The US authorities have begun a legal action against Volkswagen over the scandal that saw millions of diesel vehicles fitted with software that made them seem better for the environment.

It's thought to have affected 600,000 vehicles in America, and 11-million worldwide.

VW has admitted fitting the devices and has put aside billions of euros to deal with the fallout.

Back in October 2015, the Chairman and Chief Executive of the VW acknowledged publicly that the culture which led to the diesel emissions scandal is systemic throughout parts of the company, and has been in place for up to a decade and goes way beyond a small group of "rogue" engineers.

Nine engineers have been suspended and up to 2,000 employees told to keep all data records of the scandal-related period, but no evidence has been uncovered to date, it seems, of the involvement of any senior management or board members.

The investigation will continue and the next update will be provided at the Annual General Meeting in April.