US President Donald Trump declares March 'Irish-American Heritage Month'

Mr Trump praised "the tremendous role" Irish immigrants have played

US President Donald Trump declares March 'Irish-American Heritage Month'

US President Donald J Trump speaks during the Friends of Ireland Luncheon at the US Capitol on March 16, 2017 in Washington, DC | Image: Pool/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images

The US President Donald Trump has praised Irish-Americans for "helping usher in a new era of American prosperity".

Mr Trump was speaking as he proclaimed March 'Irish-American Heritage Month'.

He said during the month, the US celebrates "the tremendous role" Irish immigrants and their descendants have played in the development of the United States.

"Irish-American Heritage Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the nearly 33 million Americans with Irish ancestry and their tremendous contributions to the betterment of our country.

"Irish Americans have distinguished themselves in every sector of American life.

"Many have been among the key architects of our country's greatness. Nine of the men who signed our Declaration of Independence were of Irish origin", he said.

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny with President Donald Trump at the Shamrock Bowl presentation in the White House in 2017 | Image: Merrion Street/

"Presidents Andrew Jackson, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and many others have traced their roots to the Emerald Isle.

"Businessman Henry Ford, founder of one of America's most iconic companies, was the son of an Irish immigrant."

Mr Trump said "the tenacious Irish spirit" has helped Irish immigrants realise "incredible dreams".

"This month, Americans across the country will don the traditional green garb as we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland in an annual tribute to our shared and cherished heritage with that great country."

He said the US looked forward "to a bright future of greater friendship, cooperation, and commerce for centuries to come".

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is due to meet Mr Trump at the White House in Washington, DC on March 17th.