Two dead after gunman opens fire in Jerusalem

The man shot at people while driving a car

Two dead after gunman opens fire in Jerusalem

Police units at the scene in Jerusalem | Image via @MickyRosenfeld on Twitter

Two people have died after a shooting in Jerusalem.

The Israel Defence Forces say an attacker shot at pedestrians near a lightrail stop in the city.

A police spokeswoman says the attacker opened fire on a passenger waiting there as he drove a car.

He then drove on, shooting at a woman in her car. Several people are reportedly wounded.

After a chase, the suspect stepped out of the car and fired at police officers, critically injuring one of them.

The attacker was then shot and killed by police.

Israel police spokesman Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld tweeted, calling it a "terrorist attack".

He also said the vehicle the man drove is being examined.