Trump commends "tremendous bravery" of Vegas victims

The US President Donald Trump also praised the "professionalism" of hospital staff

Trump commends "tremendous bravery" of Vegas victims

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk with surgeons at the University Medical Centre after in Las Vegas, 04-10-2017. Image: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

US President Donald Trump has met some of the hundreds of people shot in the Las Vegas massacre and commended their "tremendous bravery."

He also praised the "professionalism" of hospital staff who worked to save victims of Sunday night's mass shooting, saying they did an "indescribable" job.

The US leader and First Lady Melania Trump have visited one of the city's hospitals, the University Medical Centre, where some of the wounded were taken.

At least 59 people were killed and more than 500 injured when a gunman, Stephen Paddock, on the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel sprayed bullets at a crowd of 22,000 attending a country music festival.

Mr Trump praised the "bravery" of those music fans who were shot after they stayed at the concert venue to help others as people were "going down all over."

The President said: "I just met some of the most amazing people. We met patients who were absolutely, terribly wounded, and doctors and nurses who have done a job that's indescribable."

He added: "What I saw today was an incredible tribute to professionalism and what they have done is incredible. You never want to see it again."

And then he highlighted the "bravery" of patients.

He said: "Some were very, very badly wounded, and they were badly wounded because they refused to leave and wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over.

"It's an incredible thing to see. Tremendous bravery."

Standing alongside doctors, he said: "It makes you very proud to be an American when you see the job they've done.

"I just want to congratulate everybody. It's incredible. The message that I have is that we are a great country. We are there for you."

Mr Trump then headed to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police headquarters, where he met police officers and dispatchers who had responded to the shooting.

He congratulated them "on a job well done."

"You showed the world and the world is watching," he told them. "And you showed what professionalism is all about."