Trial of man accused of murdering another man at former Regency Hotel begins

The trial is taking place at the non-jury Special Criminal Court

Trial of man accused of murdering another man at former Regency Hotel begins


The Regency Hotel murder trial is underway.

Patrick Hutch has pleaded not guilty to murdering David Byrne at the Dublin premises almost two years ago.

The court has heard it would be alleged it was a carefully planned murderous attack.

In his opening statement prosecuting barrister Sean Guillane told the court a boxing weigh in was taking place at the Regency Hotel on February 5th 2016, ahead of a match called 'the Clash of the Clans'.

There was a lot of people present - including boxers, managers, trainers and members of the public.

He said it would be alleged CCTV captures two men - one with a flat cap and one wearing a wig - approaching the hotel that afternoon.

It would be alleged that while the weigh in was taking place, a number of witnesses heard gun fire and cracking sounds and panic developed.

Soon after it would be alleged three individuals dressed as gardaí entered the Regency Hotel armed with assault rifles.

It would be alleged David Byrne was shot as he ran towards the reception area.

He was then approached by a gunman who calmly and coldly discharged their weapon into his head and body.

It would be alleged the raiders were looking for a specific person as the man in the wig was heard saying 'I couldn't f***ing find him'.

The prosecution alleges the person in the wig that day is the accused - Patrick Hutch.

The 25-year-old from Champions Avenue in Dublin 1 has pleaded not guilty.