Top sellers for pre-storm shoppers revealed

Retail group BMG says it has seen a surge in volume

Top sellers for pre-storm shoppers revealed

A woman makes some last minute purchases from a supermarket in Co Kildare | Image: Eamonn Farrell/

A retail group has revealed what it says are the top-selling items in a pre-storm shopping surge.

BWG Foods has compiled figures based on sales across its network of 1,040 convenience stores.

It says bread, milk and eggs flew off its shelves in preparation for Storm Emma.

Brennan’s Sliced Pan, followed by two litre milks, six pack eggs, firelighters - and wine - are the top selling products.

BWG Foods estimates that its stores across the country completed over one million transactions on Thursday, as shoppers stocked up on essential items.

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Commenting on the last minute shopping surge, group CEO Leo Crawford said: "Our retailers have experienced unprecedented levels of customer traffic in their stores as people stock up on essential food, heating fuel, and more indulgent purchases such as wine.

"As family run businesses, our retailers see an important responsibility in serving the needs of their local communities during times like this and particularly those most vulnerable to challenging weather conditions by maintaining service where possible." 

BWG adds that its delivery service was operating at maximum capacity from 2.00am on Thursday to ensure shelves were well stocked.

It says volume was up 20% over the past number of days.