Tie-break vote confirms Trump's education secretary

Democrats staged a 24hr talkathon in protest of Betsy DeVos' nomination

Tie-break vote confirms Trump's education secretary

Image: Carolyn Kaster AP/Press Association Images

The US Senate has confirmed Michigan Education activist Betsy Devos as President Trump's Education Secretary following a tie-break vote.

The deciding vote was cast by Vice President Mike Pence after the tally was split evenly, requiring Pence to use his authority as president of the upper chamber of Congress to break the impasse.

This marked the first time the current vice president broke a tie to confirm a presidential nominee.

Last night, Senate Democratics debated the nomination of Betsy DeVos for the position over 24 hours. 

The action attempted to call more public attention to the vote, and increase public pressure on GOP senators who have already received tens of thousands of calls and emails from people who oppose Mrs DeVos.

A full list of the Senate confirmation votes can be viewed here.

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