Thousands of families being frozen out of the new Tenant Purchase Scheme, say Fianna Fáil

Cowen calls on Government to allow tenants in 'Part 5' social housing to buy their homes

Fianna Fáil is claiming thousands of families are being frozen out of the new Tenant Purchase Scheme.

Under the scheme, local authority tenants can buy their rental homes.

But it's emerged that people in 'Part 5' social housing - built as part of private developments - don't have the same option.

Fianna Fail housing spokesman Barry Cowen says that's not fair.

"I find it very distressing, very disappointing and very annoying that this opportunity is not being afforded to members of the public whom have those homes available from local authorities in private estates, and not being in a position like many of their counterparts to purchase and acquire that home.

"That's a discrepancy that needs to be addressed, I would hope it's merely an oversight.

"It's a very disappointing oversight, and an alarming one really, from the previous minister who brought in this, Minister Kelly.

"I remember asking at the time as to why details of the scheme weren't being made public."