Thousands attend March for Science protests around the world

Hundreds marched outside The Dáil today

Thousands attend March for Science protests around the world

A sign shows US President Donald Trump placed in chains next to Nobel Prize Winner Albert Einstein | Image: PA images

Thousands are marching around the world in opposition to a culture of "alternative facts" and in support of evidence-based policy, according to March for Science Ireland. 

Hundreds gathered outside The Dáil today at the March for Science rally. The march takes place on Earth day which demonstrates support for environmental protection.

March For Science is an international initiative to stand up for science and evidence in the face of an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery.

March for Science Ireland said "Scientists and supporters of science, will march to ensure science and evidence are part of our national policies, conversations and culture.

March for Science, Ireland also highlights the international nature of science. Their mission states "Science is an international endeavour, and the biggest issues we face are global.

They said that "Climate change cannot be addressed by national policies alone; it also requires international collaboration.

They said they are marching "to affirm the need for international collaborations and the global sharing of scientific knowledge, particularly in the US where this is especially under threat."

March for Science, Ireland is organised by a voluntary team of scientists and science communicators.

It's gathered support from students across the country, with Trinity College Dublin Student Union counted alongside organisations such as the Irish Cancer Society and Cool Planet Experience as official partners of the march.