This new specially designed brush will allow you to lick your cat

In case, you know, you've always wanted to lick your cat...

"Lick your cat."

That's the slogan that Licki Brush are going with on their still-in-development website page (which you can visit here), which promises that a Kickstarter campaign will be starting off soon.

As per the video below, it demonstrates a new product that will allow you to "lick your cat" without anyone having to get the ISCPA involved.

You place the Licki Brush in your mouth, and groom your cat with a tongue-like device that features similar attributes to a cat's tongue, so your little kitty will think he or she is getting a tongue bath by another kitty.

And if you think this has to be one of the oddest pet accessories to yet be invented, a short internet search will prove you ultimately very, very wrong.

Rear Gear Butt Cover items, anyone?

image via Mental Floss