'This is the greatest manifestation of naked sexism I've ever seen' - Brenda Power

Columnist Brenda Power is far from happy at the outcome of the US Election, and believes she knows why Clinton lost.

'I'll be gentle on you, Brenda'

George Hook was in a forgiving mood as he welcomed Sunday Times and Irish Daily Mail columnist Brenda Power onto the show today in the wake of Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential Election.

Asked for her reaction to the result overnight, Brenda called it 'the single most naked manifestation of sexist I've ever seen.  Nobody will ever convince me that if Hillary Clinton were a man, with an identical record, that she would not have wiped the floor with that self-confessed sex offender.'

She said that as far as the public were concerned that this man who also 'dodged his taxes' was preferable to a woman.

George Hook and Michael Graham disagreed, noting that a large proportion of women actually voted for Trump to win.  Brenda was having none of it.

'When you factor in how stupid the average American is, you need to realise that half of Americans are even stupider.'

Hear the full interview below.