Theresa May to publish detailed Brexit plan

MPs in London yesterday voted to back the bill triggering Article 50

Theresa May to publish detailed Brexit plan

British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture by Isabel Infantes EMPICS Entertainment

Theresa May is to publish her detailed Brexit plan in a White Paper after winning a huge majority for the British government's Article 50 bill in parliament.

The document will flesh out the British Prime Minister's Brexit speech last month and contain ministers' negotiating strategy for leaving the EU.

Its publication comes after the European Union (Notification Of Withdrawal) Bill was backed by 498 MPs to 114, a majority of 384.

But while most Conservatives are jubilant after last night's vote, Jeremy Corbyn is facing a bitter Labour split after a fifth of his MPs, 47 in total, defied his three-line whip and voted against triggering Article 50.

Less than an hour before MPs began voting, two more members of Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet, Rachel Maskell and Dawn Butler, quit so they could join the Labour backbench revolt.

A further 10 junior shadow ministers and three whips, who are supposed to enforce party discipline, also voted against triggering Article 50.

In her speech, which forms the basis for the official Brexit document, Mrs May said: "This Government has a plan for Britain - one that gets us the right deal abroad but also ensures we get a better deal for ordinary working people at home."

She also unveiled a 12-point Brexit plan, including:

  • Laws made in Westminster, not Brussels
  • Controlling migration
  • Quitting the single market
  • Protecting workers rights

She has also said maintaining the common travel area and economic links with Ireland will be 'important priorities' in talks, and has committed to maintaining the Good Friday Agreement in the North.

After the Article 50 vote in the Commons, Mr Corbyn attempted to brush aside the Labour rebellion and said: "Labour MPs voted more than three to one in favour of triggering Article 50.

"Now the battle of the week ahead is to shape Brexit negotiations to put jobs, living standards and accountability centre stage. Labour's amendments are the real agenda.

"The challenge is for MPs of all parties to ensure the best deal for Britain, and that doesn't mean giving Theresa May a free hand to turn Britain into a bargain basement tax haven."

Mrs May will head for talks with European leaders in Malta on Friday, but she will not be there when they discuss their plan for Brexit.