'There's still a big gap between what the Government want to do, and what ASTI would like to get' - ASTI teacher Fintan O'Mahony

O'Mahony joined George Hook on High Noon on a day when 60% of secondary schools are closed.

Almost 60% of secondary schools are closed today as members of the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland withdraw from the supervision of students during break times.

A small number of schools in other sectors will also close due to health and safety grounds.

ASTI teachers insist they are not on strike, just withdrawing from supervision duties. But school management bodies say schools are being forced to close as a result, on health and safety grounds.

ASTI teacher Fintan O'Mahony told George Hook on High Noon that he wasn't happy about standing outside his school in the freezing cold this morning.

'Mine is the only school in Carrick in Suir that is closed as all the teachers in it are with the ASTI.  I don't see an end in sight. Talks between the Department of Education and Ed Byrne of ASTI are going ‘nowhere’.

He says he already senses bitterness amongst the parents and the teachers.

He also insisted that teachers will not get paid despite showing up for work today and being ready to teach.

An all out strike will take place tomorrow for equal pay.

Listen to the full interview below with Fintan below.