The end of chivalry

A look at the history defining battle of Agincourt

The end of chivalry

The Thanksgiving Service on the Field of Agincourt

On October 25th, 1415 English and French soldiers marked Saint Crispin's Day with a battle that would have an incredible impact on history. In a bloody clash the English, comprised mainly of bowmen exhausted from their campaign in foreign lands, beat a larger force of French knights and noblemen. At least this underdog story is what emerged with the passage of time. 

But just how accurate is this narrative? Was this really a David versus Goliath moment? Did the longbow decide the day? Or has the image been distorted by Shakespeare and others who bought into the appealing tale of Henry and his ragged band of brothers?

Join Patrick Geoghegan as he talks with a panel of experts about the Battle of Agincourt and deciphers what really happened on Saint Crispin's Day, 1415. How much did this one day change history?