The best of the Twitter reaction to the leaders' debate

It was the final duel - but will it have swayed any voters?

Part three in the series of leaders' debates - would it be a barnstorming piece of heavyweight political theatre, or an underwhelming squabble? 

As Joan Burton, Gerry Adams, Micheal Martin and Enda Kenny took to the stage Twitter users to give their assessment.

Here's the tweets that sum up how the public reacted to tonight's leaders' debate.

Early on a trend began to emerge

New time, same debate

Gerry Adams questioned moderator Miriam O’Callaghan on her salary, and then when Enda Kenny said Adams would defend “Senator Cahill” Adams asked: “Who is Senator Cahill?” 

Enda’s tie was looking familiar...

It was as tetchy on Twitter as in the studio...

There’s been a growing sense of this as a pretty uninspiring campaign. Ad the debate wasn’t exactly getting the blood up either

The confused cacophony of combating voices was suddenly split by the newest national obsession - The Creak in the studio...

It was a stronger performance from Joan Burton, but was it enough?

Homelessness was again a central point

But viewers remained a bit unmoved by it all


Cronyism came up and everyone behind a podium squirmed

One topic was notably absent

And did anyone feel they had been informed, entertained or swayed? Judging by the Twitter reaction at least, it didn't seem so...