The Philippines brace for Typhoon Nina on Christmas Day

Charity Oxfam says its on standby to respond

The Philippines brace for Typhoon Nina on Christmas Day

Image: NOAA

A typhoon set to make landfall in the Philippines is intensifying.

Typhoon Nina could become a possible category four cyclone as the country braces for the tropical storm to hit.

Destructive winds and heavy rain are expected on Christmas Day.

The typhoon, also named Nock-ten, entered the Philippines area on Friday and is intensifying as it bears down to make landfall in the Bicol region on Sunday.

Oxfam Australia's humanitarian manager, Meg Quartermaine, says Nina is being closely monitored - as it could bring strong winds and torrential rains that could trigger flash flooding and landslides.

Populated areas through Luzon, Quezon Province, Laguna, Batangas and the capital of Manila could possibly bear the brunt of the storm.

Ms Quartermaine said Oxfam was ready to mobilise teams if needed and requested.

"We are closely monitoring with our staff on the ground and local partners and Oxfam is on standby to assist if required and requested by the national government," she said.

About 20 storms hit the Philippines each year.

In 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan, the deadliest typhoon in recent history, wreaked havoc in Eastern Visayas - killing over 6,300 people and displacing four million.