"The Martian" gets recut as a comedy-musical to match it's Golden Globe win

The quite serious-minded sci-fi drama managed to win the award over actual comedies and musicals

Every year the Golden Globes split their Best Picture nominees up into two groups - Best Drama and Best Comedy/Musical - and every year, there are some questionable decisions made.

While some of the nominees are quite understandable, as with this year we seen Spy and Trainwreck getting nominated in the latter category.

However, they ended up going up again some movies that you'd be hard pushed to call either a comedy or a musical.

Sure, there were some jokes to be found in Joy, The Big Short and The Martian, but not to the point that you'd call any of them an out-and-out comedy.

Not that it stopped the Golden Globes awards-givers, who gifted Best Comedy/Musical to The Martian.

In response, the folks of Mashable have recut the trailer for the movie to better suit it's award winning status. So enjoy the all singing, all dancing, all joking version of The Martian below!