'That's my daddy' - New road safety campaign aims to protect site workers

55 people have died on Irish roads this year

A new road safety campaign from Mayo County Council aims to encourage motorists to be mindful of site workers on roads.

The campaign, entitled ‘My Daddy Works Here’, features photos of children appealing to motorists to drive with care, behind the safety barriers of roadworks.

The campaign is been supported by various local authorities across Ireland in a bid to make road works a safer place to work.

Image: Mayo County Council

“As warm weather arrives, road works become increasingly familiar sights along Irish roads,” Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer in Co. Mayo  said. “But we should not let familiarity become complacency.

"Even though many of us will be driving through road works every day, we should continue to keep our eyes wide open and obey the posted rules of the road. Lives depend upon it.”

In 2017, a total of 55 people have lost their lives on Irish roads.