Tesla to open Irish showroom in the next month

Its most basic model costs €81,086...

Tesla to open Irish showroom in the next month

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Tesla's electronic cars are set to hit Irish roads in the coming weeks.

The company has revealed to Newstalk.com that its first showroom in Ireland is "opening in the next month."

European Tesla charge points

The company announced overnight that its global deliveries and production have been stronger than expected during the first quarter of 2017 as it shipped over 25,000 cars.

Its Model S and Model X SUV are available to pre-order in Ireland, but the company doesn't report regional-by-region sales data so there is no indication as to the level of interest in the cars here ahead of the official launch.

2017 could be a crucial year for Tesla as it expands into new regions and aims to release the Model 3 - its first mass-market vehicle - although it remains to be seen when this car will be released to the public.

In Ireland you can get your hands on an entry-level Model S for €81,086, with the full-spec version costing double that figure. The Model X SUV starts at a price of €110,042. You can order test drives of both now.

Tesla is the first company to develop premium electronic cars.

The Model S will let you travel over 400km on a single charge for its basic model (up to 613km for a full-spec version) and go from zero to 100km/hour in 2.7 seconds at its fastest.

There's no word as yet on when Ireland will be getting the more affordable Model 3. It is set to retail at a base price of $35,000 across the Atlantic.

The company currently has the capacity to manufacture 2,000 vehicles per week.

It hopes to produce 500,000 vehicles in 2018 - that's nearly six times its 2016 output.

Tesla has a current market valuation of $45.4bn - which is only $1bn below the value of Ford Motors.

Ireland's electric future

The State has set a target of ensuring that 10% of all vehicles on Irish roads are electronic by the end of this decade, that would mean 230,000 cars, and it is offering financial incentives to help Irish drivers to go green.

Ireland is offering, a sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) grant of up to €5,000 and VRT relief of up to €5,000 and a complimentary ESB box for the first 2,000 electric vehicles (EVs) sold in Ireland.


Additional reporting by Craig Fitzpatrick