Terrifying footage released of car caught up in California mudslides

Burbank Firefighters say a driver and passenger were in the car

Terrifying footage released of car caught up in California mudslides

Image: Burbank Firefighters Local 778

Terrifying footage has emerged of a car with a driver and passenger being swept along by this week’s mudslides in California.

The deadly series of events took the lives of 17 people, according to US officials.

The slides followed heavy downpours all along the State’s coastline, with mud, boulders and tons of debris tearing down hills with devastating consequences.

The flash flooding began in the Santa Ynez Mountains - which was badly hit by gigantic wildfires last month.

Around100 homes were destroyed in some of the most affluent areas of the State.

Burbank Fire-fighters have released this video showing a car with passengers being swept down the street by a high-speed mudslide:

Yesterday, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office released the names of all 17 people who died in the mudslides.

The founder of a school and four children were among the dead:

The Sherriff’s Office said that, as of yesterday evening, eight people remained missing.

Emergency crews are continuing to search buildings and debris flows for trapped victims – however authorities have warned that the unstable environment remains a “critical threat” to both residents and emergency services.

Although mandatory evacuations were put into force in some parts of Santa Barbara, only 10% to 15% of residents actually heeded the warnings to flee their homes.