Taoiseach announces 10-year plan in response to Brexit

The capital plan will focus on areas such as investments in roads, public transport, and energy

Taoiseach announces 10-year plan in response to Brexit

Photo: RollingNews.ie

The Taoiseach has announced a new 10-year capital investment plan as part of the response to Brexit.

Enda Kenny has told a gathering in Dublin the country will be fully prepared when British Prime Minister Theresa May triggers article 50 next month.

He says tough negotiations lie ahead, but the government is determined to get the best deal for Ireland.

Speaking to an audience at the Institute of International and European Affairs, Enda Kenny says the new plan will include decisions on infrastructure plans.

He said: "That new Plan will show how we will invest in roads, in public transport, in energy, in water, in schools, in higher education and in hospitals and health facilities. It will include detailed, funded plans to complete the national road network, including links between Dublin and Derry and Donegal, and to accelerate delivery of critical public transport infrastructure.

"It will include substantial investment in the ports and airports that Ireland will need as a successful, global trading nation. And it will support the achievement of our international climate change obligations and our national objectives for sustainable development and environmental protection."

He suggested that plan will make it easier for the governments "to work with authorities to decide on what those priorities should be".

The Taoiseach added: "Ireland [...] faces the most important negotiations in our history as an independent state. The Government will be fully prepared."

He repeated that the Government's key priorities in negotiations will be trade & the economy; the peace process; the Common Travel Area; and the future of Europe.