Taoiseach Confirms GPs Will "Opt-In" To Carry Out Abortions

Concerns had been raised by some doctors

Less than two per cent of GPs need to sign up to carry out abortions for the system to work, according to the Taoiseach.

Leo Varadkar says it will be an opt-in system and no doctor will be forced to perform an abortion.

It's after concern from GPs about what system would be implemented.

But Leo Varadkar says only a very small number of GPs would be needed to carry out the some 4,000 abortions Irish women seek every year.

The Taoiseach says that works out at about 12 terminations a day - around half of which would be via an abortion pill - which could be administered at a Primary Care Centre.

The National Association of GPs has welcomed the clarification.