Taiwan accidentally fire supersonic missile, killing one fisherman

His three crewmates were injured, and their vessel completely destroyed

A fisherman was killed off the coast of the Penghu Islands near Taiwan last night when a supersonic missile was accidentally fired and hit his boat.

According the China's official Central News Agency, the 500-ton patrol boat Chinchiang was undergoing an inspection inside a military base when the Hsiung Feng III missile was fired and landed about 40 nautical miles (75 kilometers) away in waters off the islands of Penghu near Taiwan, the official Central News Agency said.

The captain of the boat was killed, and the three other crewmates were injured by the missile.

As per the Wall Street Journal, the CNA have stated a preliminary investigation showed that missile operators likely failed to follow proper procedures, while a full investigation was under way, while the navy sent a helicopter and boats to search for the missile.