Stock markets breathe sigh of relief following FBI's Clinton verdict

The dollar rallies as the Democrat nominee is cleared...

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) clearing Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing following a fresh trawl of her emails hasn't just given her US presidential campaign a huge, final hurdle boost, it's also been good news for business around the world today.

With US futures jumping, stock markets rallied strongly in Asia and Europe this morning. At home, the ISEQ has shot up 133 points (+2.25%) to 6,052. The FTSE climbed 96 points (+1.4%) to 6,789. Elsewhere, the German DAX was up 170 and French CAC rose 76.

When the New York Stock Exchange rings its opening bell, Wall Street traders are expected to send share prices even higher. The US dollar has already surged after FBI director James Comey confirmed there was no new evidence found that would warrant charges against Clinton.

The Mexican peso – which has been used as something of a US election bellwether since Republican nominee Donald Trump started talking about building his wall – strengthened over 2% against the greenback.

Bloomberg's final poll before the election, conducted between Friday and Sunday, gives Clinton a three point lead over Trump.

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