WATCH: New 'Star Trek' film trailer released to mixed reaction

The film is not being released until July next year

Star Trek Beyond, trailer, new film, Wil Wheaton, Chris Pine, Beastie Boys

Image: YouTube/Paramount Pictures

The wait is over for those of us looking forward to a new trek through the stars.

Paramount Pictures has released the first full trailer for 'Star Trek Beyond'.

It has been described by the company as "90 seconds of action, with glimpses of the main crew and several important newcomers, as well as flashes of humour (including a grousing Dr McCoy)".

It all plays out against The Beastie Boys song 'Sabotage' - a song that should ring a bell for fans of the 2009 film 'Star Trek'.

The new film will be released in the US on July 22nd next year.

Reaction online has been mixed, including from a former star of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation':