Stag do party avoids doing time by returning stolen 120-year-old clock to Dingle pub

The management of Dick Mack's Pub in Kerry had launched a massive social media campaign to find the stolen clock

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Oliver and Ron MacDonnell celebrating the return of the clock to Dick Mack's [Facebook]

A group of men on a stag do have apologised for taking and damaging a clock that had hung on the wall of Dick Mack’s pub in Dingle, Co Kerry since 1899, offering to foot the bill for any repairs that need to be made.

The group had become the centre of a huge online campaign to find the identity of the men and the whereabouts of the original railway timekeepers’ clock. In a post to the pub’s Facebook profile, Dick Mack’s management offered amnesty to the men if they returned the time piece, as well as rewards in the form of whiskey and Guinness to anyone who could help track it down.

The clock has now been returned to its rightful place in the famous Dingle pub, after a local resident found it discarded in. The pub’s management thanked the public for getting behind the social media campaign to locate the culprits, with the Irish Independent reporting that the people of Dingle had already approached the men about their lifted timepiece when they saw them drinking in another pub.

Great news everyone! The clock has been returned. It was returned by a local who found it abandoned in the back of...

Posted by Dick Mack's Pub on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

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