Social media reacts to the first Presidential debate with humour and controversy

From accusing Trump of being a "coke user" to who won the debate, there was plenty of reaction online

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Image: David Goldman / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head to head in the first Presidential debate on Monday night, as they traded blows over a number of different topics. 

From trade to race-relations, there were a number of key issues covered in the run up to the November election that the candidates clashed on, in a debate that produced plenty of flash points.

Watched by millions, not just in the United States, the debate also produced a huge amount of reaction on social media, with the candidates tweeting afterwards about how they performed according to the polls. Trump, of course, won. 

Clinton quoted that same CNN poll, which showed a comprehensive win for the Democratic candidate, and took aim at Trump's temperament again. 

Noted political figures from both sides also tweeted their responses to the debate, including Madeleine Albright, Joe Biden, and Kellyanne Conway of Trump's camp.

There was also controversy as members of the GOP were seen on Twitter criticising Hillary and telling her to release her emails, while Howard Dean, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, suggested that Trump was a "coke user".

The watching public also had their fair share to say about the debate, with many crticising Trump and making their fair share of jokes at his expense.

Still, others highlighted that there wasn't a lot to choose between the candidates, both of whom have their issues when it comes to earning the trust of voters.

After repeated references from Trump to "call Sean Hannity" of Fox News, the crew at Bill Simmons' venture The Ringer, decided to take Trump up on his invitation with this brief video in the wake of the debate. The call did not last very long.