Social media hackers spread Britney Spears death hoax

Sony's account was hacked on St. Stephen's Day

Britney Spears is alive and well, despite what Sony Music's Twitter account was sharing on St Stephen's Day. 

A tweet from the company's global music account claimed that the 'Toxic' singer had been involved in an accident and had passed away, but it was later revealed to be a hack. 

The poorly worded tweet stated that "britney spears [sic] is dead by accident!", before adding that more would be revealed in time. 

Bob Dylan's official account had also tweeted a message of sympathy for the "death" of the singer, before that was taken down once the hack was noticed.  

A white hat hacking group called OurMine, who also made headlines earlier this week when they hacked the Netflix and Marvel twitter accounts, appear to have been behind the move.

They stated that they were testing the security of the accounts and the password strength, before pitching for business from the companies, asking them to "contact us to tell you more" about the breach.

Similarly, they posted on Sony's account after the hack that they "detected unusual activity on the account and we checked the account if it's hacked or not," before adding that Spears was in fact still alive. 

According to CNN, a representative from Sony has declined to comment on the matter at this time.