Sketch designs for Dublin's new city library suggest an ambitious blending of old and new

But Dublin City Council faces a challenge to fund the project...

Sketch designs for Dublin's new city library suggest an ambitious blending of old and new

Dublin City Council

Sketch designs for the new city library at Parnell Square North in Dublin's city center show ambitious plans to blend the old with the new by developing a modern facility behind the existing Georgian facades.

The project has been delayed - planning permission was expected to be applied for in early 2016. The Dublin Inquirer reports that Dublin City Councillors are now "happy with what has emerged," referring to the designs.

These images which were released by city librarian Margaret Hayes are ongoing works in progress as part of sketch design - and do not represent completed or final design.

These plans were drafted by Grafton Architects and Shaffrey Associates.

The project will comprise of a number of elements:

The Story House which will, "display and celebrate the library’s special collection of rare editions and research material relating to Irish literature and theatre history" as well as offering facilities for writers.

Innovation Hub - this is a space to "encourage and nourish innovation and entrepreneurship in the city" which will offer free wifi and work spaces.

A Music Hub which will consist of a blend of physical and digital resources for musicians and music enthusiasts.

The Digital Library will support access to the city library's digital collections and offer other digital resources.

Meanwhile, the Central Library will provide access to books, audiobooks, DVDs and other materials.


However, The Dublin Inquirer points out that the Council faces a challenge to find the €60m needed to fund the project, which is set to be financed through philanthropic donations.