Dublin woman (23) who suffered stroke left in wheelchair for 34 hours

Sinead Donoghue called her partner to help her get to the bathroom

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The Mater Hospital, Dublin | Image: RollingNews.ie

A woman who suffered a stroke, and who is also epileptic, was left in a wheelchair for 34 hours at a Dublin hospital.

23-year-old Sinead Donoghue had a minor stroke on Wednesday - but having had another stroke when she was 19, she says she knew the signs.

She was taken to the emergency department at the Mater Hospital and put on a trolley.

She says she left the trolley to go to the bathroom, using a wheelchair, but when she came back from the bathroom her trolley was given to another patient.

She says she did not get another trolley, but instead had to sit in the wheelchair for more than a day.

"I was an hour and fifteen minutes waiting for somebody to bring me to the toilet", she told Newstalk Lunchtime.

"Unfortunately my partner had to come home from work to come to the hospital to bring me to the toilet".

She says she was told she would 'just have to wait'.

"They told me that I could stay and wait another three days for a bed - that's when I left the hospital".

She also says the hospital did not have a wheelchair to give her, so she had to source her own from the Irish Wheelchair Association.

Here her full interview below.