'Sesame Street' does time with 'Orange is the New Snack' parody

The kids show poked fun at Netflix's prison drama 'Orange is the New Black'

For decades, iconic kids TV show Sesame Street has taught children how to count, how to interact, and how to deal with diversity. But every now and again, the show treats parents to some delightfully on-the-nose pop culture references wildly unsuitable for their target audience.

There’s been James Blunt singing about three-sided shapes, as well as nods to Game of Thrones and Mad Men. And now Netflix’s lesbian prison drama Orange is the New Black is the latest piece of pop culture to get the Muppet treatment.

In Orange is the New Snack, Piper Snackmen, a riff on the show’s lead character Piper Chapman, is starting her first day at Litchfield Academy. There she meets characters inspired by the roles made famous by Yael Stone (Morello), Kate Mulgrew (Red), and Uzo Aduba, whose Suzanne/Crazy Eyes gets re-interpreted as Googly Eyes.

Despite Sesame Street having previously introduced a character whose father is in prison some years ago, the action in the sketch is re-located to a school rather than a women’s correctional facility. Though nods are made to Pablo Schreiber’s role as nefarious prison guard Pornstache, whose name is changed to the more family-friendly Mr Moustache.

But the Sesame Street sketch doesn’t deviate much further from the general message of Orange is the New Black, with its Piper just as self-righteous and self-serving as the one in the Netflix version.

Season Five of Orange is the New Black is now available to stream on Netflix. You can listen back to the Moncrieff show’s TV on the Radio segment about it below: