Second Labour councillor calls for change in party leadership

Kerry Councillor Terry O'Brien claims Brendan Howlin "just hasn't clicked with the electorate"

Second Labour councillor calls for change in party leadership

Brendan Howlin. Photo: Leah Farrell/

Labour leader Brendan Howlin is facing more pressure from within his party, after another councillor called for his resignation.

Kerry Councillor Terry O'Brien says new leadership is needed to revive Labour's fortunes.

Brendan Howlin was elected unopposed as Labour Party leader in 2016.

It followed the resignation of former Tánaiste Joan Burton, who stepped down after Labour lost more than two dozen seats in the most recent general election.

The latest opinion poll has shown the party at just 3% support.

Councillor O'Brien told Radio Kerry it's time for a change at the top.

He argued: "It's time to shake it up - pee or get off the pot... see what we're going to do.

"3% is really nothing for a party like Labour."

He added: "[Brendan Howlin] just hasn't clicked with the electorate. At 3%, it speaks for itself.

"We need to soul search... we need to do something fairly quickly. The next general or local elections, some of the Labour councillors or candidates may be independents."

Earlier this week, Portlaoise-based Councillor Noel Tuohy also called for a change in the party leadership.

He said he has great respect for Deputy Howlin, but fears that the party risks becoming "totally irrelevant as a political force" in Ireland.