School staff send out heartfelt letter with student's test results

"Today you must celebrate YOU!"

Children of Harmony Hill Primary School in Lisburn, County Antrim opened their transfer results on Saturday, and discovered this heartfelt message inside.

Headteacher of the school Mr. H. Greer sent this optimistic note with the results, which was then posted on social media by one of the student's parents.

Speaking to BBC, Mr Greer stated that: "We've been really surprised by all the attention. It was a simple, personal, but heartfelt letter for our P7 children, inspired by our vice principal, Hillary Johnston. We do treasure all of our children. We just wanted them to know that we were thinking of them today"

"It can be a time of great excitement, but for some children, it can be a time of great disappointment. I'm sure the same compassion and sentiment will be evident in primary schools across Northern Ireland this weekend."