Satellite company announces plan to use 'second-hand' SpaceX rocket

SpaceX successfully 'landed' a rocket for reuse late last year

Satellite company announces plan to use 'second-hand' SpaceX rocket

Falcon 9 first stage landing. Image: SpaceX

A satellite company has announced it is going to be the first customer for a 'second-hand' rocket from SpaceX.

A reusable rocket has been one of the key goals of Elon Musk's space technology company, as part of their efforts to achieve cheaper and more accessible space travel.

Following several failed attempts to 'land' a rocket, SpaceX finally achieved their goal in December last year when their Falcon 9 rocket touched down at Florida's Cape Canaveral.

Now, satellite company SES says it will be the first to launch a satellite using a "flight-proven Falcon 9 orbital rocket booster".

The launch is due to take place later this year, and the satellite will provide services for Latin America.

Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer at SES. said: “Having been the first commercial satellite operator to launch with SpaceX back in 2013, we are excited to once again be the first customer to launch on SpaceX's first ever mission using a flight-proven rocket."

Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, added: “Re-launching a rocket that has already delivered spacecraft to orbit is an important milestone on the path to complete and rapid reusability."

Elon Musk, meanwhile, thanked SES for their 'longstanding faith' in SpaceX: