Ryanair warns of drastic Brexit fallout

Cheap flights between the UK and Ireland could stall

Ryanair warns of drastic Brexit fallout

Eamonn Farrell, RollingNews

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has warned that the company's flights from the UK could be grounded from early 2019 if Brexit goes ahead as planned.

"There is a possibility, unlikely, but nevertheless a possibility that there may be no flights between the UK and Europe in March 2019 if the UK walks off this cliff that they seem determined to walk off," he said yesterday, as quoted in The Irish Times.

He is concerned that the UK's decision to pursue a 'hard Brexit' which (according to British PM Theresa May) will mean that Britain will no longer recognise the European Court of Justice will lead to the end of existing open sky arrangements.

The company has already switched the focus of its future plans away from the UK.

Mr O'Leary fears that the airline industry "could be heading for a very difficult divorce with Europe."

The Irish businessman added that he is concerned that the British government has "no real exit plan."

"I’ve had a number of meetings in London in recent weeks where they are going to do a great deal for Britain, and then I got to Frankfurt and Brussels and Paris where they are determined to do Britain down, and I fear they will," he continued.

He and the company openly campaigned for a 'stay' vote ahead of the referendum.

"We have to recognise the will of the the people, they did vote in a referendum, however they were fundamentally misled into believing they could leave Europe and nothing would change," he concluded.