Run-DMC hits Amazon and Walmart with $50m trademark lawsuit

The group helped to bring hip hop street-style to the masses...

Rap group Run-DMC has filed a $50m (€47m) lawsuit against a number of retailers who have been accused of using the group's name on goods without their permission.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels from the trio owns a firm called Run-DMC Brand - it filled the complaint in a district court in New York.

The retailers who have been selling the merchandise, which includes hats and t-shirts, include Amazon and Walmart.

As one of the genre's founding fathers, the group is remembered as much for its influence on hip hop fashion as its musical output.

A recent trend for retro music t-shirts has led to a spike in demand for Run-DMC merch.

It sells band apparel through - and also has a deal with Adidas.

Their third album Raising Hell included the single 'My Adidas.' When it was released they were fans rather than brand ambassadors - but that soon changed.

The German brand carries Run-DMC lines to this day.

Run-DMC has sold more than 230 million records worldwide.